1-3-2-6 System

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Many advanced players apply this betting method successfully. You will need at least 1000 dollars on your bankroll, and you will also need to split it into 100 different parts. Therefore, your betting unit will be 10 dollars, and you are not allowed to change it during a round. After one round, make your calculations again and determine the new betting unit. For example, if you have won 234 dollars, you will have 1234 dollars on your bankroll; therefore your betting unit will be 12 dollars and 34 cents.

Bet on blackjack with one single unit of this kind. It won't matter if your unit is valued at 12.34 dollars or 10. It is only important to bet with only one unit. If you lose this bet, place another bet also with one unit. If you win, your next bet must be valued at 3 units. Of course, as the name of the strategy says, you will have to bet 2 and 6 units respectively for the next rounds.

This strategy is based on the principles of the casino's algorithms. Although it can't be explained, it seems like the casinos can't find a good solution to prevent players from winning with this strategy. Even if you lose some money at the beginning, you will surely start to win after three or four betting rounds of this kind. Of course, on the fifth round, you will have to make your calculation to determine the new betting unit, and you must begin your betting round once again.

Apply the 1-3-2-6 betting system

Although some players prefer this system as the main betting strategy, the majority of gamblers would only recommend it for blackjack and other games where the odds to win are 1:2. In any case, don't use it for table games that are played against other persons. In this situation, you will have to calculate the possible earnings and losses considering the value of your adversaries and your current bankroll.

The 1-3-2-6 makes sure you are a winner after the third round. Of course, the fourth round is the most important, as you could win some serious money there. Think about it: a full round of this strategy means to bet 12 betting units and to win 24 units. Even if you lose the 6X bet, you are a winner on the overall.

The system is not connected with any game. It can be applied on blackjack, poker, or roulette. Therefore, it is more like a money management strategy. Usually, you can apply this strategy combined with other proven in-game strategies.

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