Blackjack basics: playing rules and strategies

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Blackjack is a famous gambling card play, which is played usually with several decks of common 52 cards.

Blackjack origins

The game originated in France in 17th century and was firstly called 'Vingt-En-Un', which is translated as twenty one in French. Blackjack rapidly spread all over Europe and came to America with French immigrants in 1800s.

The notion 'blackjack' is associated with a certain combination, which includes a Jack and an Ace of spades that provided an additional blackjack casino bonus and was considered as highly profitable card combination.

Blackjack goal

Although, since its invention blackjack has been modified significantly and nowadays there are a lot of its variations like Spanish 21, Pontoon, Blackjack Switch or European Blackjack, the main aim of the game has always remained the same: to beat the dealer's card combination in such way so you would not go over 21 points of your cards value.

The sure winning combination is of the same name as the game is called and is also referred to the term of a natural. It comprises an ace and one of the cards that worth 10 points. Moreover, a blackjack is possible only in case if the card combination of 21 points is your initial, not intermediate, result.

Blackjack basic rules

Blackjack rules state that the game starts from dealing from 2 to 8 decks of usual cards for 2 cards for the dealer and each player.

One of the dealer's cards is always closed and is called the holy card while all the other cards could be seen or unseen depending on the game variation.

The next step is probably the most exciting one as it actually determines further development course of events. Players are to make an appropriate bet concerning their cards and the dealers seen card.

Here, each gambler should remember that his or her task is to beat the dealer disregarding other players' sets of cards.

However, this is valid only in case of basic blackjack strategy application while if you would like to practice card counting system it is really important to remember which cards had been already played and which ones are left in the deck, so you could access your and dealer's prospects correctly.

In order to learn more how to play, what blackjack bets and card values are, visit the section Blackjack Rules while here we would like to give you the last but not the least advice, which is notably to keep an equal mind because, as blackjack psychology states, this is the way to hit the house in blackjack game.

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