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Basic Blackjack

by Bill Zender

His strategies are fascinating and unusual at the same time. Although they are logical, the players never discovered them. One of those strategies is "split on the third card." The strategy says that you must split if you have the possibility if you are at your third card. Although there is no reasonable explanation, it seems like the players are winning on overall with this strategy. The book also explains the mechanisms of early surrender, and every good player knows that it is better to surrender early instead of losing much money.

You will get the best blackjack bonus ever by reading Bill Zender's book.

If you are not familiar with the concepts of spooking, telling and warping, this book will also be a great source of information. There are viable methods to calculate the possibility of winning, and all those mathematical principles are written in this book. Especially if we are talking about a live casino, the body language of the dealer or of your opponents might help you in determining the future of the game.

Blackbelt of Blackjack

By Arnold Snyder

21 is a Kung Fu technique. 21 is the European name of blackjack, and Arnold Snyder is a well-known blackjack player and martial arts passionate. The player managed to create an analogy between those two disciplines, releasing one of the best guides possible for blackjack. Furthermore, the author updates his blackjack guide and releases a new version every year. New information is available, and his 20 years on offline and online blackjack is surely helpful for any kind of blackjack passionate.

Blackjack Predictions

By David McDowell

Again, a great player exposing the secrets of blackjack in this impressive guide. His methods are usually based on memorizing cards, therefore this guide is only suited for those intelligent players having a photographic memory. The technique has the purpose of guessing the moment when the Ace will come out of the package. It is not a scam, and it is completely legal.

Furthermore, even the most complicated algorithm will not be able to detect and punish this technique, and even the live dealers might be cheated with this astonishing strategy.

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