Blackjack Psychology

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While other games are based on different stakes and odds, on blackjack, all the bets have a 1:2 winning chance. Therefore, if you bet one dollar on a game, you could lose it or you could win another dollar. Of course, we are talking about games that won't imply insurance. In this case, you could only loose or win 0.5 dollars for every gambled unit.

Don't bet more than you could afford. Don't play with borrowed money, and don't ask your friends for more money when you are losing. This is the fastest road to addictive gambling, and this is a huge problem that can't be solved easily.

Don't believe those "proven" money management strategies that would make you rich in a week. You can be sure that a player knowing this kind of strategy won't sell it on the internet for 10 dollars. However, if you are curious about a certain strategy, you could apply it on the free playing rooms before testing it with real money.


There are some unwritten laws that are respected even by the most established players. Here are some of them:

  • Don't play with 16 or 17. If your sum is 16 or 17, drop out of the game immediately. However, if you have a combination of a Royal card with a 6 or a 7, you could split. In any other scenario, you must fall immediately.
  • Hold on 18, 19, and 20. If you have such a sum on your hands, it is better to wait. The dealer must try to overcome you; therefore, he might take some serious risks. In this case, he will almost certainly burst. In fact, statistics are saying that the player is winning in more than 70 percent of those games.
  • Hit for less. If your sum is lower than 15, you must surely hit. You will have some serious chances to get closer to 21, and you won't be in such a great danger of bursting.
  • Take insurance when you can. Sure, the perspective of losing 50 percent of your bet is not so appealing, but a dealer having a royal card or an ace is almost certainly a winner. Therefore, you must be insured if you can.
  • Don't split before considering the card of the dealer. You must see that card, and you must make your decision accordingly. If the dealer has a royal card, it is better to split. If he shows an ace, you might even consider dropping. If he has a weak card, you might go on with a simple game that you will almost certainly win.

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