Blackjack Rules

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The house must take its earnings on any game. Therefore, if you are winning hand after hand, you can be sure that some other player (or players) is losing great sums of money. If you can understand the thinking method of the casino, you will surely be able to create a winning strategy by yourself. Here is a simple strategy that might work:

Enter a blackjack room with more than three players as a guest. If the casino gives important earnings to the players, it means that there is no money left for you. The wisest thing to do in this situation is to leave. Check a poor table, wait for the best moment, and enter the game in style.

Blackjack basics

Blackjack is a game that isn't using complicated terms. However, here is a small dictionary that could help you:

  1. The blackjack hand is composed of your first two cards. Check them carefully and ask for a third card if needed. A blackjack hand can become a winning or a losing hand.
  2. The bust is the situation where the total of your hand goes over 21. Of course, you will lose instantly and you won't have the possibility to appeal. Only an insurance could help you, if you are inspired enough to get one from the beginning of the game.
  3. A tie is the situation where both players have the same total. In this scenario, the game could end as a draw, or one of the players could call. Some sites won't give you the possibility to push; therefore, the game is considered a tie automatically.

How to play online blackjack

The dealer will split the cards. He will give you two of them and he will turn one of his cards up. Considering the card of the dealer and your hand, you must make your decision. If you or the dealer has a Royal Card and an Ace, the game stops and the holder is considered a winner. In any other scenario, the game continues. You can't burst from the beginning.

If you surrender, you will only lose your entrance fee (or the stakes that are currently in the game). It is the best solution if you have a total of 16 or 17, if you have less, it is better to call. If you have more, it is better to hold and to wait.

Some websites would give you the possibility to split. You will begin two separate games in this scenario, and you will have the possibility to win or lose in both of them. Make sure you have enough money to play both games, and only appeal to this option if you have a good hand.

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