Parlay System

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The Parlay system is best suited for blackjack and roulette, but it can also be used for other table games. Unfortunately, the system can't be used for poker or baccarat, as those games would involve other players also.

The progressive parlay system is in fact a money management technique. It can be applied to blackjack and other 1:2 odds bets on roulette with great results. You will only need to watch your rollover and to follow some simple rules. Let's suppose you have 100 dollars on your account. Play the first hand with 10 dollars. From here, you will have to apply the parlay system in the following way:


If you lose the 10 dollars, you will have to bet with 9 dollars. Sure, this kind of bet won't recover all your losses from the first won hand, but it is surely useful to limit major losses. Simple calculation tells you that you could lose 10 bets in a row, and you will still have half of your account untouched.

Of course, losing 10 hands on blackjack is highly improbable, but you will have to be ready for this unfortunate spree.

Of course, if you win, you will have to increase your bets. Therefore, if you are winning your first hand, you must raise the stakes to 11 dollars. Only three wins in a row with this system can be considered a successful betting day.

The strategy allows a high rollover, even if you win or lose. Therefore, the system is recommended for those high rollers that would need huge amounts of money gambled. Think about it: you will gamble more than 100 dollars in a single day, and your account might stick with the original value, or even grow.

This is a money management strategy, as it is not connected with any game. The strategy is also called "Riding", as the sums that are left on the table would bring some more money. Combined with some other techniques, this strategy could bring you the wealth you dreamed about.

Of course, the strategy is also suited for real casinos. However, in this case, the house might limit your winnings.

Following the algorithms

In addition, this technique is successfully applied by some established players. If you are spending enough time on a certain casino, you will begin to see some patterns and tendencies. For example, some casinos are giving away a certain bonus on a certain game at some fixed hour every day. Play that game for a while, follow the casino and you will also get a chance to get that bonus. Some players are hunting for the progressive jackpots all their lives, and it is surely worth it, considering those bonuses that could get up to 800 000 dollars.

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