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Online gambling is not only the easiest way to enjoy casino games, but also the perfect means to get more perks for players – that is a statement which does not require a confirmation. Australian players prefer gambling houses where they can get the best of them, along with huge number of their most-loved games such as pokies and baccarat, and players-friendly terms and conditions of gambling.

As for me, I also choose casinos which can offer something bigger than all other places. Being an Australia resident, sometimes it is difficult to find the place where bonuses will be good for the players from our country, and you need to put some efforts to find out what you need. I want to enjoy welcome, reload, weekly and monthly perks as well as players from other countries do.

Unfortunately, there are not so many Australian casinos in the gambling world, especially good ones, which provide players with the whole range of gambling bonuses. When I started my investigation in the search of reliable gambling houses with good service, I saw that many of gamblers do not look for the casinos by themselves, and rely upon the opinion of professional gamblers and people who have analyzed the gambling market before them. I was interested – how it can be possible to find a place where all casinos and their best offers are put together and presented for the gamblers? It is impossible!

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When I found Casino Shortlist I’ve understood that impossible is really nothing. All of Australian casinos are in one place, clearly analyzed and described.

You will be surprised to know that most of them have already knew about it, and used information available there for a long period of time. It was really an odd feeling like you are from the other planet. Like you do not know who Queen Elisabeth is, or where the penguins live. Everyone knows and loves this casino guide!

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Though I thought that this website is dedicated to the casino bonuses only, I noticed a section Casino Games. When I clicked this link I was truly amazed! The list of all casino games appeared, and when I started to click at each of the names, more and more games appeared with the direct links to places where I could play those games.

I decided to join the website newsletter to get information about the latest bonuses and promotions. That is really what everyone should do! Now I do not need to spend my time on search Australian casino with good bonuses, as everything is done for me.

Now I always know which of the casinos offers the most attractive Australian casino bonuses, where I can get the best match for deposit, what casinos provide players with no deposit bonuses and what I have to do to get them.

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