Blackjack House Odds

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The dealer always has an advantage over a player. The casinos are obliged by law to write the house advantage for every game. Therefore, if you see the house edge of 95.1% on a blackjack game, it means that you will win 95.1 dollars if you are betting 100 dollars. Of course, this is only a theoretical principle.

The complicated algorithms of the casino would favor certain players, taking their earnings from other players. Chance and luck are also important, but any player has a chance to become a master of a certain game. Of course, the house edge is important on every casino website, and you will soon realize that a difference of 95.1 and 94.9 is huge.

Strategies to beat the house

The blackjack game is suited for more winnings than other games. The house has fewer possibilities to beat the player. Think about it. For the blackjack game, there are only 121 possible cards combinations. An experimented player could develop strategies for any of those combinations, reducing the house edge even more.

The basic blackjack strategy says to hit if you have a soft hand. The highest combination is A with a 9, a combination that can be considered 10 or 19. Sure, some players would rather stay, hoping to beat the dealer with a 19, but the real chance takers will surely hit, hoping to get 20 or even 21. It only depends on your profile as a player, but we could tell you that the casino is in favor of the risky players. Therefore, there are many chances that the dealer would beat you with a 20 let's say, in case you are holding at 19 in your hands.

Again, hard hands are also dealt considering the risk appetite of the players. An 8 and 9 is a risky combination. You can't hold, as 17 is a small sum and you will remain only with the hope that the dealer would burst. You will have to hit, and you will have a high chance to burst. Again, it is a matter of player profile and experience. Consider the card faced up by the dealer when you are making this choice, and read some advanced blackjack strategies.

Blackjack is well known for the small advantage of the house. For other games, the house would have many chances to win, as the house edge could be 90.1% or even less. This is why some people would prefer blackjack, although the game is not as thrilling and exciting as poker, Casino Slots or roulette.

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